Meet Yvette.

Yvette is SRMKZILLA's in-house bot that runs across its Slack workspace.

She also practices the pirouette everyday. We don't judge her.

Yvette is the best hostess.

Yvette welcomes and onboards new members to the family in some of the most heart-warming ways.

She indeed has a heart of gold.

Yvette helps us stay connected.

Currently, the SRMKZILLA family is apart; spread throughout the country (and beyond).

Yvette helps us manage and their invitees and supports Google Meet, Zoom and Skype out of the box.

Yvette creates polls.

With so many brilliant and creative minds working on exciting stuff, clashes happen.

Yvette helps us reach decisions by creating opinion polls. She keeps the workspace clean. Not just clean. *Monica* clean.

Yvette integrates KZILLA.XYZ.

A while ago, we told Yvette all about KZILLA.XYZ and we saw a sparkle in her eyes.

Yvette loves KZILLA.XYZ. So much that she lets us shrink all our links directly from our very workspace. Our front-end engineers don't like her that much now.

Yvette on Slack

Yvette on Slack