Hi, I am
Ishan Chhabra.
I craft beautiful
web experiences.


Ishan enjoys building things that live on the internet. He used to do complex Web stuff at Incredible but left to pursue some personal engineering goals. Clearly, he operates from his gut. Currently, he is focused on solving important problems in the legal industry through his legaltech startup, Legalghar. Ishan has previously also interned at Devfolio, Bajaj Finserv Health Limited and Apollo TeleHealth Services. He develops exceptional websites and web apps that provide intuitive, pixel-perfect user interfaces with efficient and modern backends.

Talking in the third person about himself makes him uncomfortable.

He graduated from SRMIST, Chennai in Jul, 2021 (He feels so old now). Ishan passed the torch on to his juniors at SRMKZILLA – the official Mozilla Campus Club of SRMIST where he used to break builds (especially on Fridays) with some really cool people. He also volunteered and lead everything software at Aaruush. He used to lead the Technical team at DSC SRM – powered by Google Developers where he worked on a wide variety of interesting and meaningful projects on a daily basis.

TL;DR: He ardours software and toils to craft beautiful, beautiful products that don't come with manuals.

Ishan wants a doggo but is unlikely to get one (cc: Paapa).


  • JavaScript (ES6+)
  • React
  • Node.js
  • TypeScript
  • Swift
  • SwiftUI
  • Angular
  • User Interface Design
  • Svelte
  • VFX



Honours :)

Apple WWDC21
  • Scholarship Recipient at Apple WWDC21

    • One of 350 students across the globe to be selected as a WWDC21 Swift Student Challenge award recipient
    • Built Spacewalk
    • I never submitted my work earlier because I was always afraid to. Now I am not sure why I was

Projects (:

  • Rakshak


    Rakshak is an API-first identity management platform that provides full-stack user management right out of the box.

    Learn more
  • Scene


    Stop creating mediocre screencasts and start recording, editing and sharing your best work on Scene.

    Learn more
  • Spacewalk


    A space game which tests your understanding of concepts of reflection of light to bring Edward back to safety.

    Learn more
  • Scribe


    Effortlessly craft data-driven graphics in Figma

    Learn more
  • Recruitments


    We created Recruitments to wow people! A state-of-the-art platform where students can apply for a seat in SRMKZILLA.

    Learn more


    Hate long URLs? High five. KZILLA.XYZ shrinks your links in no time. Get ready to create links that provide you with rich analytics and understand your audience in amazing new ways.

    Learn more
  • Identity


    Identity is an IdP service that lives on the web and painlessly integrates with your apps in making. Identity helps you authorize users so you can focus on what you're building. A single SRMKZILLA ID to log into services eliminates the pain of remembering passwords. And provides you with the security of your data of which you are in control. It's a win-win-win.

    Learn more
  • Events


    All-things-events. A community events platform that hosts events, handles registrations, issues certificates and does pretty much everything in-between.

    Learn more
  • Whisper


    Whisper communicates information between your devices through thin air. Things are about to get ultrasonic.

    WhisperLearn more
  • Aaruush app suite


    Aaruush is the National-level techno-management fest of SRMIST, Chennai. Every year, Aaruush caters 10,000+ attendees, organizes 80+ events (going on simultaneously all around the campus) in 4 days. To manage the chaos, the app suite was planned very thoughtfully. It aids showcasing event information, provides live updates to attendees, generates an Aaruush Pass. It was all worth it since the app went 44th on Top Charts in the Education category of the App Store!

    Aaruush app suite
    Learn more

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