Bring Edward back to safety


The tale of Edward Baldwin

Spacewalk is the story of Edward Baldwin and his exhilarating space endeavour. While growing up, Edward aspired to be an astronaut and he fantasized and dreamt of walking in space and dancing amidst the stars.

It was a fairy tale start to Edward's career, as his talent and skills dazzled NASA to recruit him as their youngest ever astronaut. Edward was all set to be a legend, but fate has its course. He was struck by a disaster during his first spacewalk.

A gaping snag in the mechanical assembly cut him loose into space, floating further and further away from the spaceship deep into the vicious galaxy.

The game is not over for Edward, the ray of hope is still alive. If you are gamed to bring back Edward, help him aim and shoot the laser light towards his crew to bring him back to safety. But don't take it easy, space is full of surprises!