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    Welcome to the charming IntelliHome plugin, a delightful personal endeavor crafted to unify my diverse cameras, switches, and locks within HomeKit. My abode features Mi 360, TP-Link Tapo 360, and Hikvision bullet IP cameras. Managing numerous apps was bothersome, yet I resisted replacing my functional cameras with pricey HomeKit-compatible ones. Thus, the IntelliHome plugin was born.

    The Homebridge-enabled Raspberry Pi connects all cameras utilizing the RTSP protocol. I unraveled authentication and API calls by inspecting the network via the manufacturer's camera app. At present, I use a `Slat` service as an ingenious solution to tilt cameras through the Apple Home app. Additionally, I can detect motion and automate based on it!

    I've integrated several lights and a Yale lock for centralized control. In the future, I aim to purchase a HomePod Mini, expanding IntelliHome's accessibility beyond the local network and reaping the benefits of HomeKit Secure Video.