Ishan Chhabra

Software Developer

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Ishan enjoys building things that live on the internet. He used to do complex Web stuff at Incredible but left to pursue some personal engineering goals. Clearly, he operates from his gut. Currently, he is focused on solving important problems in the legal industry through his legaltech startup, Legalghar. Ishan has previously also interned at Devfolio, Bajaj Finserv Health Limited and Apollo TeleHealth Services. He develops exceptional websites and web apps that provide intuitive, pixel-perfect user interfaces with efficient and modern backends.

Talking in the third person about himself makes him uncomfortable.

He graduated from SRMIST, Chennai in Jul, 2021 (He feels so old now). Ishan passed the torch on to his juniors at SRMKZILLA – the official Mozilla Campus Club of SRMIST where he used to break builds (especially on Fridays) with some really cool people. He also volunteered and lead everything software at Aaruush. He used to lead the Technical team at DSC SRM – powered by Google Developers where he worked on a wide variety of interesting and meaningful projects on a daily basis.

TL;DR: He ardours software and toils to craft beautiful, beautiful products that don't come with manuals.

Ishan wants a doggo but is unlikely to get one (cc: Paapa).


Chief of Web
Incredible /
  • Head the engineering team of nine that hack highly complex problems sandboxed in your browser
  • Thanks to the lovely engineering team, my job is the easiest in the world :)
Software Developer Intern
Incredible /
  • Started off as an iOS Developer
  • Paved the way for a super plush web app
  • Built and managed internal design systems with scalability at the centre stage
  • Head this beautiful family
  • Oversaw the development of amazing Open Source products at the heart of SRMKZILLA
Technical Lead
  • Communicated with and managed multi-disciplinary teams of developers, designers, and clients on a daily basis
  • Wrote modern, performant, maintainable code for a diverse array of client and internal projects
  • Instructed multiple workshops to 140+ students on various technologies such as Gatsby, Open Source, and React
  • Work with a variety of different languages, platforms and frameworks such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, Node.js, Swift, and Heroku
Associate Technical Lead
  • Developed and shipped highly interactive web applications for clients (or as we like to call them – friends)
  • Architected and implemented websites for various campus clubs in and around the campus of SRMIST, Chennai
  • Manually tested sites in various browsers and mobile devices to ensure cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness
Technical Member
  • Developed and maintained code for in-house and client websites primarily using HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, and jQuery
Frontend Developer Intern
Devfolio /
  • Migrated the entire component system written with Storybook for React to TypeScript
  • Helped build a system to issue sharable Open Graph friendly e-tickets to the hackers at InOut 7.0
  • Built and shipped the updated user interface of the platform
  • Shipped typings for react-otp-input
Software Developer Intern
Bajaj Finserv Health Limited /
  • Scratched a scalable React Native + Redux mobile application for the doctor-end of the system
  • Implemented WebRTC protocols to introduce telemedicine as a feature that facilitates connecting sick people with healthcare workers in the crucial times of pandemic
  • Helped integrate Quro into the platform to provide the doctors with intelligent suggestions
  • Organized HackRx
Technical Lead
  • Help solidify a brand direction for DSC SRM
  • Instruct multiple workshops to 200+ students on various technologies, including but not limited to web, and Flutter
  • Explore my passion of crafting beautiful interfaces as my pet projects
Associate Technical Lead
  • Built and shipped various state-of-the-art web applications as internal projects, primarily on the MEAN stack
  • Contributed extensively to restructure and build the club from the ground up
iOS Developer
Apollo TeleHealth Services /
  • Implemented ADT-A04, MDM-T02 and MDM-T04 messages of HL7 standards that aid the seamless transfer of clinical and administrative data between software applications used by various healthcare providers across the world
  • Deployed a telemedicine module on the platform by harnessing the power of WebRTC
  • Designed the user interface and scratched the codebase of Medeintegra Platform for paramedics
  • Helped plough a system to capture fundus images and eye test results in real-time over the RS-232 interface from sophisticated machinery like Fundus Camera and Autorefractor
Aaruush /
  • Overlook and work along with a team of developers and designers to build scalable software that power Aaruush
iOS Lead
Aaruush /
  • Engineer and maintain Aaruush's iOS mobile app suite, making it even more delightful with every Git commit
iOS Developer
Aaruush /
  • Interfaced with user experience designers and other developers to ensure thoughtful and coherent user experiences across Aaruush's iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Contributed to the development of Aaruush website as a side project


Available upon request